Thursday, February 09, 2012

Wednesday and...oh my word, is it only Thursday?!

If you're on my facebook, you've already seen some of these and I apologize for the repeats. =)
If are a few iphone pics I took yesterday and today. First, Bree in her tutu and Supergirl dress dusting the living room (she's SUCH a good helper!) while watching her letters show.
Then, an awesome bonus when we stopped by the library after dance class! The guys were pouring some cement out there - so cool!
That evening it was too cold to go outside and I couldn't bear to sit around for two hours, so I (hello!) remembered that our gym has an indoor pool and the girls and I went and swam for an hour and a half. We haven't been in the water since September, but by the time we left, both kids were swimming like the little fish they are. It was SO FUN and relaxing. We will definitely be back. Note: maybe I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure that little face strategically placed in front of my thigh is one of the cutest things in the entire world.
Moving on to today, also known as the Day That Went On Forever. (But in a good way!) We started off the normal way, with breakfast all together and dropping Carly off at school at a little past 7:30. Bree wasn't very happy at the old friend school, so I switched her to another center and she LOVES it there. The atmosphere is noticably different - warmer, happier. Bree went from whining about friend school to asking to go in one day. Sold! So after I dropped her off to play with her wonderful teachers, a few of us from our battalion went and dropped off a meal at the Fisher House. It's like the Ronald McDonald house, but for the families of injured Marines. Aboard Camp Lejeune, most of the Wounded Warriors are recovering from community-based injuries, like motorcycle accidents, or are being treated for psychological issues. It's a little different from the burn centers or amputatee centers in other areas of the country, but still fills such a need. The facility is amazing and we were happy to provide a little love in the form of homemade soup and fresh rolls to the families staying there.
Immediately afterward, I went and did my casework volunteering at Navy Relief. This was my view today. They just painted this room the exact same (rather intense) color as my bedroom which is actually sort of weird as I sit here posting these pictures from my bed. Some days are good and some are sort of slow at Navy Relief, but today I had the pleasure of actually getting to USE my education and provide some real financial counseling to three Marines in completely different circumstances.
So...pick up Bree, clean out the car, pick up Carly, pick up our photo CD from last week and drive 40 minutes in the other direction from Camp Lejeune to pick up...that's right! Cookies!!! It was a little overwhelming and I felt more than a little embarrassed that I was just hanging out by myself when all the other cookie moms had crews of women with minivans and extended-cab pickup trucks. Lesson learned! This is the fire station aka temporary warehouse where the Bekins truck was unloaded. That's a lot of cookies right there.
So...after I realized that despite what the website says, 75 cases of cookies were absolutely NOT going to fit in my Pilot, I called the mom of the girl who sold about half the cookies in our troop and she graciously agreed to come out and pick up her stash. By this time, my poor kids were losing it. The two hours of the day they usually spend face to face with me, I was busy stacking and counting boxes and they had to dodge adults carrying cookies, and dollies rolling cookies, and firemen, and other was sort of a crazy time. See? Bree is totally zombie-fied.
So we get home, unload allllll the cookies and the parents start coming by to pick them up. My poor girls, once again, have to give up a time of the day they usually get my undivided attention so they were going even more nuts, if you can imagine it. But then we had dinner and they got to cut up the tofu (and eat over half of it cold, the way they like it best, the weirdos) and then we got to have a cookie. What a GREAT way to end a neverending day!!!

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