Sunday, February 05, 2012

I'm Not Sure What a KeyLogger Is But It Doesn't Sound Good...

I'm actually afraid to Google the term. Just in case.

So...last night my plans included updated our security protection and changing all my passwords. It took a really long time, mostly because I couldn't figure out a few fairly simple set-up things and had the indescribable pleasure of speaking to a condescending and humorless tech support guy. I want to send him that Albert Einstein quote about fish climbing trees, but then I figured since the dude probably hasn't been outside since the late 80's the nature references might be lost on him.

The truth is, it's not all his fault for being a jerk. Computers are clearly something he cares about deeply and something about which I know basically nothing. He likely considers computer knowledge to be a vital skill necessary for all normally-functioning adult humans (much the way I think of polite social interaction) and he likely has to talk to idiots like me all night long...I mean, right? It has to be.

Anyway, there were a scary few minutes between the time I had to uninstall our old stuff and reinstall our new stuff. I alleviated my anxiety by going around the house making sure all the doors and windows were locked. =)

So anyway, that was the exciting news from our place. We did get to talk to Paul last night! It made us all miss him so much I let the girls have Domino's for dinner because he likes to order it on the weekends sometimes. Ironically, he was the one having hummus and veggies for dinner, and even though he is the one in the desert, my girls were up three or four times each SO THIRSTY. =)

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