Friday, February 10, 2012

Freezing Friday

1. It is cold, wet, rainy and miserable outside. The upside to this is that our house feels coziest when the weather is bad outside.

2. I love Children's Motrin. Bree's ear hurt so badly and now it doesn't. Carly barked her shin getting into the car after our Free Flick Friday adventure tonight and now it's not throbbing any more. Yay for modern medicine.

3. Due to the above health emergencies, both kids are asleep in my bed. I am not in my bed and have no plans to return. Spend the night in our getting-smaller-every-day queen bed being kicked by all three of my children at the same time? Um, no thank you. The couch works. It should be noted that I had to leave the room to 'check on something' in order for them to fall asleep - once I was out of the room for five minutes, they were sacked out.

4. I miss my husband and would like very much for him to come home already.

5. More pictures? Well sure! I'm wrestling with Kodak gallery trying to get them to upload the highest resolution photos, but until then...ta-da!

I love this one for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it gives the illusion that I still have a jawline, which I do not. I'm like a giant marshmallow - no edges anywhere. =)
And this next one pretty much sums up how I feel about this pregnancy. Flipping ecstatic. Baby Girl can thank her big sisters for the fact that I can't wait to get my hands on another Liz+Paul Fischer creation. Our kids are awesome. =)
There were lots of shots just like this - where I hardly look pregnant. I'm definitely don't look like I'm smuggling a basketball....I just get big everywhere. Which is FINE. Somewhere in all of that is our sweet baby - I like to think of all the extra padding as just a little service I offer. Plenty of room to move around. =)
The next two I love. Carly and I are making the exact same face, and then you can see Bree getting ready to cut and run. Love it!!!


Nadee said...

Really love the photos! You look amazing!

McCoyFamily said...

Your the best mom!