Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Pics =)

Here are pics from last Tuesday! I'm letting the girls stay up and watch Harry Potter tonight mostly because they're sleeping with me and I'm not ready to go to bed. It's going to be a monsoon tomorrow and they'll have time to take a great nap so we should be fine. I hope so anyway.  =)

The girls loved their little gifties from me and Paul. We keep it simple with bubble wands and stickers and things like that. You can see the giant stack of artwork the girls are saving to show their dad when he gets back next week in the background. Baby Sister has a matching pink bucket and her name will be applied as soon as we figure out what it's going to be...
Up close of the goodies! I totally scored on some watches on super clearance at Target last month - the kids are SO excited about them!!! The watches are analog (is that the term?) not digital, which is great! Bree of course has no idea about the minute hand, but it's giving us a fun time to start counting by fives.
Silly girl on the way to friend school. I had gotten a giant water at Sonic the day before and Bree was sharing it. It's so hard to remember that I bought this outfit for CARLY and she wore that giant bow...seems like so many more than just three years ago. (See photo below)
Amazing!!! I had forgotten we called this outfit "millions" because it has a million hearts. So sweet. =)
Both girls have taken a break from running circles around the couch to come over here and laugh about how cute they used to look. They have no idea how cute they STILL. ARE. xoxo
So then we missed Daddy. So we made him a list of all the things we love about him!
This is Bree's...don't know why it came out sideways, but I wrote it down verbatim. =)
And Carly's list =)
I found this picture the other day - Paul came to help out with Carly's art class her last day at the wonderful fabulous St. Francis of Assissi right before we moved from Quantico. He spent most of the time working with this little boy who I normally spent most of the time working with because he (the boy) had such a hard time focusing and making right choices. Paul was so patient and sweet with him *swoon*

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