Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Would You Do With Three Extra Days?

A lot of the guys who work with Paul are using the flight delay to take an impromptu trip to Las Vegas. A lot of wives are flying out there to meet them and play for a couple of days.

If you know us, you know where we'll be. =)

Here's a hint: not in Las Vegas, as awesome as that would be.

The planner in me and the cheapskate in him (and I am thankful for that part of him on a nearly daily basis!!!) couldn't imagine such a thing and are shaking their heads and clucking like a pair of old biddies in the hair shop.

So what do we plan to do?

Well, I plan on getting over this cold and getting rid of as many Girl Scout cookies as possible. Paul will probably work out a bunch, download a bunch of books to his Kindle, and watch a lot of ESPN. FUN times, right? I know you are so jealous. =)

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Euna Garrett said...

i saw your facebook pics you posted today, but i didn't have time to comment. i'm at work now and don't you know they put up some firewalls so i can't access your page here, but i just wanted to share this book with you i saw on amazon. it's a guide to girls' hair and i bet you could do some amazing stuff on your beautiful girls ;)