Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Bree Show

We went to a park playdate with a playgroup we are members of, but haven't done anything with since the summer due to scheduling issues. Bree didn't really talk to any of the kids, but she did get a kick out of climbing around and saying funny things. =)
She's so different from Carly. It has to do with personality and also with the fact that Carly was dragged to playdates from nine months on...several times a week. Bree was just like 'who are THOSE kids' and asked to swing by herself, where she was perfectly happy.
Just so sassy. She borrowed one of my old bracelets and put her little gifty in her back pocket so she could still climb around. Notice she has inherited Paul's genetic condition of noassatall.  =) haha
The bull is rad on his own....but let Bree go nuts with her dressups....Billy the Bull is all of sudden fabulous.
Friday, I got an email from Carly's teacher that Carly's eye had been getting pinker throughout the day and there was already a case of pinkeye in her classroom. When I picked up Carly from the bus, her right eye WAS very pink, but she told me that her left eye was hurting right below. She pointed at her cheekbone and said her back teeth felt wiggly....of course as a mama with allergies I knew sinus pressure right away, so we headed to the doc. Turns out Carly had a nearly-infected ear and an upper respiratory infection. We got a Z-pack to attack the pinkeye and that...but we had to wait for a LONG TIME. Carly fell asleep on my lap, and Bree entertained us all with the following performance:
Homegirl has an extra dose of personality. This next photo is out of order, but it's from Thursday when Bree had to wait for my appt at the Naval Hospital. We stopped at Starbucks for a snack beforehand, mostly because I love that place and will come up with any excuse to spend my fun money there. =)

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