Sunday, February 12, 2012

Oh, Oops

I was supposed to post this Thursday, but I got distracted by all that cookie stuff, and then completely forgot to put this up. Let's hope I'm better at caring for this little kiddo than remembering to post cute blogs about my pregnancy. GEEZ, LIZ.
So anyway. This is the last week of my second trimester. Unbelievable, right? I could just sit here with my mouth open, blinking and looking stupid while I ponder that, but let's just move on to the questions, shall we?
Cravings: nothing all that crazy, really. Just lots of fruit and frozen blueberries.
Weeks: 27!!! (plus three days because I'm a total goldfish)
Clothes: Thank goodness for my friend Terra giving me this HUGE bin of her old maternity clothes. I love full-panel maternity jeans.

Sleep: okay. I'm thirsty all the time and consistently wake up at 3am totally starving, but other than that, when I'm alone in my bed I sleep awesome. When I have an ear-achey girl (like tonight) or a missing-Daddy girl (like Friday and Saturday) in my bed kicking me and asking for stuff...well then sleep isn't so great.
Symptoms: That big jerk, pelvic dysplasia, has made its painful and annoying appearance. Thankfully, on my third pregnancy, I've learned how to roll over in bed, put on pants, get up off the floor, climb stairs, etc., with minimal hurting. And I'm thankful that's about the only symptom I've got right now. I am getting a tiny bit short of breath as the baby gets bigger and higher, but at this point it's nothing too bad.

Movement: LOTS and I love it. She likes the right side of my belly. The girls get a kick out of feeling where she is and watching my belly dance around as their little sister moves. It's amazing to me how aware she already is - if anything different is on my belly, like Carly's hand pressing lightly, Baby Sister immediately starts pushing and kicking at it. I think she's trying to figure it out...or get it OFF of her space. =) I guess it depends on her little personality.
Gender/Names: It's a girl! Paul's been in the field for a long time so we haven't talked about names. I have two in mind and maybe, hopefully he will think one of those is super. Or he'll come up with one that I think is super. We shall see.
Nursery: right. About that...still haven't finished it. It's a process.
So that's all folks! Almost the end of my last second trimester ever. I already miss this pregnancy (after 13 weeks of course) and I'm excited about seeing this baby's little face.

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