Sunday, February 19, 2012

Um, That's the Wrong Direction

I just ordered Saxon Phonics and the first grade Handwriting Without Tears from appointment to get my hair trimmed and colored with those pretty sparkly highlights I love so much also just changed to a trim and partial highlights. Sad Liz with her ugly hair and having to basically homeschool her child because the public school system is inadequate to say the least.

I won't drag you all the way back into the whirlwind of my drama over trying to obtain a decent education for my children, but I will tell you that as I was going through some of Carly's written work from last summer and this semester, if you didn't see the dates at the top, you'd get them mixed up. Her work now is messy, with spelling mistakes she did not make last year, and a simpler sentence structure than she used six months ago. Nevermind the fact that she's brought home math homework with solid and plane figures about five different times. I don't know what they do at her school, and it makes me a little crazy that we had to live alllll the way out here in the boondocks (although it is awesome during the summer) so she could go to what is supposed to be one of the best schools in the area and it's still...just ok. My kid who used to love school and be excited about learning new things is more interested in making up jokes with her friends and begging to watch the TV shows we don't allow during the week. I think she's a bright kiddo, I mean, as her mom of course I do, and I hate hate hate seeing her dulled and bored by not being challenged AT ALL.

It is crazy that she's reading and understanding James and the Giant Peach at home, but bringing home five-page, simple, easy reader books each night in her bag book. Or that we just got finished doing a Pinterest-inspired liquid density experiment which my kid completely understoon here at home, but they've talked about solids, liquids and gases um...oh wait NOT UNTIL THIRD GRADE...I just...anyway. I promised no whirlwind of drama and I'm pretty sure I didn't keep it just now. My bad.

So anyway, that's why I'll have ugly hair for the next six weeks. Oh, the sacrfices we make as parents. =)

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KKGhoffman said...

oh girl you are scaring me about sending Grady to public schools next year. I think we were spoiled with LaPrint and the amazing things they teach the kids.