Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yesterday and Today

One thing I LOVE about our house is that we live in a very quiet neighborhood with a sidewalk in front of our house. If the weather is even sort of nice, we are outside and girls are playing with our garage full of pink and purple colored outside toys. yesterday...doing homework on the front porch.

And then, just in case I ever give the impression that everything is absolutely horrible and sad when Paul is gone, let me tell you about "field food" or "deployment dinner." (Of course we would rather him home, but there is a silver lining to pretty much any cloud, no matter how big and heavy.)

In a word: wonderful.

I guess it is true of our family at least that I cook those square meals just for the daddy because the second he leaves we revert to monkey cheese with peas (I have a salad) and when we get tired of that, we make french bread pizza (last night), or we do a Mediterranean tonight...and here is Carly giving her opinion. She's a fan of field food, too. We had the other half of the loaf of bread, three different 'flavors' of olive oil for dipping, olives, grapes, heirloom tomatoes and not shown is a big chunk of Romano cheese. Lovely! Tomorrow night the kids are having hummus and veggies with homemade naan and maybe orange slices if I'm feeling fancy. After a week or so of eating like this, their hair gets REALLY shiny. =)

And, just because it's been a couple weeks since I've blessed you with a picture of Bree's fashion ya go! Pardon the chair cushion - they're getting steam cleaned tonight.

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