Saturday, January 28, 2012


Do you guys remember Waiting for Tuesday? That was a long time ago, and I kept it private, so you probably don't. Anyway, I found it last night and was amazed at how much things have changed in the intervening five years.

For one thing, I am shocked that I almost let Paul go to Anglico unaccompanied for a year immediately after a yearlong deployment, and I remember the primary reason for that decision was that he didn't want to move us overseas. He didn't.

2007 Liz was like "oh, ok" ...and then enter three months of stress and sadness and one heartbreaking blog post.

2012 Liz would be like "No. I've moved us alone more times than not and I've have the POA. I've got this, and I don't think we need to discuss it further. We'll see you there."

As it turned out, of course, what was waiting for us was New Orleans and subsequently Baton Rouge which turned out to be exactly the right thing (of course).

Secondly, I was waaaay better parent. I feel so bad for Bree.

Third, 2012 Liz broke into a cold sweat at black-and-white evidence of the fact that I spent every single penny I earned being a nanny. I could have bought a car with all the gas money, museum entrance fees, lunches and snacks out, Target trips and scrapbooking supplies I purchased that year. BUT, it made me feel better and nothing went on credit, so I'm calling it a wash and am not going to feel guilty.

And finally (not finally, but we have plans and I can't sit here for any longer), I had and have the most amazing friends on the planet. Four in particular were there through ALL of that and never batted an eyelash.

So now we're off to the park. Carly is mad because she's tired of wearing the same outfit all the time and Bree is mad because she has to pick up her sorting bears. I've got a travel mug full of half-decaf coffee and an insulated bag full of snacks and we are out to get some sunshine. We'll check in later...much later, if all goes according to plan. =) Yay!

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Our Family of Four said...

I DO remember WFT! And the great discussion about Paul moving solo. I really thought that was a bad idea and I'm so glad that never happened!