Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Well, as far as last week's goals go, we got two out of three. We are healthy (THANK GOD) thanks to lots of sunny days and hand sanitizer. The books have been cleared out. But I didn't step foot in the baby's room, not even once. It remains That Room With Carly's Old Bed and The Big Closet Where Our Wrapping Paper And Family Documents Are. Maybe this week.

Or maybe next weekend when it's going to rain.

As for right now, we've got twice baked potatoes, baba ghanouj, wheat bread, vanilla pudding and that crock pot apple pie dessert/breakfast thing all in various stages of being prepared. Our kitchen smells really confusing. I just did the bathrooms and the laundry is going, too. It sounds much busier than it actually is, so maybe I should just leave that part out and let you think I'm efficient and awesome.

The truth is, I like starting the week with stuff done. And clean. And put away. Plus, cleaning and cooking help me relax...which is good after an hour of church aka being hit repeatedly with a stuffed turtle and answering a million whispered questions about socks, whether dinosaurs brushed their teeth and WHY NOT MOMMY...anyway. Good thing I learned long ago that Saturday is a good Sabbath for a mama.

The sun is out, and so will we be as soon as Carly gets home.

Goals for the week:
1) Taxes. Yay.
2) Repaint fireplace trim.
3) Figure out why I'm not comfortable in the house and fix it, to make it more homey somehow. I don't know what it is, but it's just not cozy in here. Actually I'm fairly certain I know that the decoration I'm missing is a hundred and ninety-six pounds of Paul Fischer, but I can't do anything about that, so we'll see if some Valentine's Day garland, fixed paint, and some candles will make it feel better in here.

Talked to Paul this afternoon, and found out he's not scheduled to go with the advance party. He didn't understand what that means....IF he gets the later flight time of the window they are now discussing and IF my midwife will agree to induce me a week or so early, he MIGHT not miss this baby being born. Oh my. Of course the chance of that happening is well worth the uncertainty and iffing and mighting that will happen for the next fifteen weeks, but...ahhhhhh I can't think about it.

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Emily said...

I'm not sure what exactly any of that last part meant, but I'm praying for you that everything will be right on time!