Monday, January 30, 2012


Meaning my phone. Which I'm trying (not successfully so far) to update to the ios whatever that everyone else has had for six months. There is some kind of problem between my computer, the phone, the internet connection...I don't know. Anyway, I just downloaded the pictures from the last few sunny beautiful outsidey days...

Starting with our Saturday playdate at a park roughly halfway between us and our Jacksonville friends. This park drives us nuts during the summer because we get all sweaty and sand sticks to us, but during the cooler months it's AWESOME. This is the picture I sent to Paul.
Carly and Sophia during lunch! They're so cool. =)

Then today, Bree and I had a Mommy Day. We went to Panera, then Michaels', then the aquarium because we had to put down a deposit for Carly's birthday party there. When we arrived we saw that it was not crowded at all and we spent the next two hours exploring. Bree loved doing her own thing at her own pace and not having to share any of it with anyone....speaking of not sharing? She ate both our scones, I had maybe one little piece of the cinnamon one before this little Hoover devoured them.
Making a shark hat in the exploration classroom! So stinking cute even though it kept falling over her eyes.
And then hahaha this is so funny. We went out and walked the nature trail because the day was warming up beautifully. On the way back, Bree decided she was tired of walking and she wanted to sit, but the log you can see in the background had lichens and they were "crumbs" which she could just not sit on. These pictures are hilarious because...don't you ever feel JUST LIKE THIS? I mean, JUST like that. How lovely to be three and just show it. =)
THIS ONE, especially. I wish I had it in better resolution.
After a nice long nap, all better. Doing homework outside (as usual) with Carly.
My little homeless barefoot child. They were playing a game where Carly was trying to run over her with the car...but she never caught up, so Bree was safe and non-squished.
Trying so hard!!! Give it a year - little sister will probably be IN that car, laughing like a crazy person.


Jess said...

Baby powder is your friend to get sand off skin! Trust me, I live on an island. :)

Euna Garrett said...

omg. i just love the picture of bree "dying" from exhaustion. life is so tough at that age ;)

Our Family of Four said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who feels it necessary to take photos of my kids when they are in distress. So sad and so funny all at the same time. And yes, it would be nice just to let it all hang out once in a while.