Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Photos Uploading Now! Yay!

I think we probably could have used an extra day before our little trip and jumping back into the real world.

There are emails I need to send, packages I need to send, a certain cable company who needs to be reminded that yes actually I DID pay them last month here's the cancelled check to prove it, tennis to sign up for, cookie sales to manage, laundry to fold, baseboards to paint (because they look like garbage) and that weird smell to track down. Also four different things for Paul's work, two days of volunteering and a bunch of health appointments.

Item #1 on my "list" for 2012 is to not get overwhelmed by all that stuff! Haha, the truth is, I don't have resolutions for this year because the only thing I can think of is getting my family through this impending deployment in one piece. That's still four months away.

As is the, you know, birth of our third child. I did just buy that poor baby her carseat and I wonder if I'll regret not getting an infant carrier and opting instead of the top-safety-rated-yet-still-budget-friendly convertible one that will let her hang out facing backward until 40 pounds.

So anyway, I'm either doing it right, by focusing on just the two major things I need to accomplish this year, or I'm getting it completely wrong by being so wrapped up in two things I have zero control over that I'm letting all the minutia that I COULD control quite well get all piled up and crazy.

I'm going with right, just because this is my blog and it sounds better to start off the new year winning. =)

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