Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's Not February Yet...

We got quite a few New Year's cards this year...and pretty much everyone who sent one those after-Christmas cards called or emailed to apologize for their being so late...and every time I said (because it's true) that if you just started a business/moved/had a baby within the last three years/are doing Christmas solo due to your husband's work obligations/are a normal human being with a busy absolutely have until February to get those cards out. If it's before Valentine's Day, you're good.

So..with these photos, I'm doing something entirely out of character and extending to myself the same measure of grace I gave my busy friends. If you're not related to us, you probably don't really want to see a single more Christmas photo, and I don't blame you! Just consider yourself duly warned. =)


Let's start with the rest of Christmas Day at our house and our SUPER simple Christmas dinner. We had a lot of other stuff but realized that all anyone wanted was that amazing grilled ham and sweet potatoes, so that's exactly what we had. Maybe next year we'll do roasted brussels sprouts and green bean casserole.
 Then some awesome gingerbread house destruction.

The next three days consisted of me studying for my personal finance test on the 28th and Paul and the girls being outside playing baseball, football, tennis, riding bikes and roller blades, jumping rope, running around and doing sports stuff for eight hours a day.

Before we left, I noticed this. We got some cool Santas and a creche from my Granny and someone set them up like this, on their way to visit the baby Jesus. Love!

Round One in Philadelphia the night we arrived! The girls were so excited about their wonderful gifts!

 I don't know who that ten year old kid is, but she's wearing Carly's pajamas....and you can see a little bit of the aftermath! It was a tornado in there. =)
Round 2! Aunt Amanda and Uncle Pete came over the next day. The girls had SUCH a blast unwrapping everything!!! This Barbie head (one of my all time favorite toys as a kid!) was a big hit. This kind came with hair coloring AND makeup....when Bree heard that word, she whipped her head around, dropped what she had been playing with and joined the hair party. Bree also loves that big white horse you can see on the left - it came with a dozen tiny little animals that can ride on its back - Bree calls them her babies and tucks them into her bed every morning. =)

Round 3!!!
Uncle Pete came back over and we saw Aunt Diane and Uncle Mace after the girls and Paul got back from touring PopPop's work.

Reading her Ladybug Girl book with Aunt Diane - I hadn't ever read this book before but I love it! It is just right for Bree!
Hahaha - love this! Part of the girls' gift were these little clip in colorful hair extensions! Everyone tried one on, and the girls have been wearing them around the house.

Round 4 was at Aunt Louise's house on New Year's Eve...I'll have to put the pics from FB on here. Auntie Lisa gave Bree a bag FULL of old jewelry and Bree fell in love with it! The girls are actually right this second (7am Sunday) in a bath with the fancy bubble bath they got, and they enjoyed playing with their nearly-cousing Trevor for four hours. It's always a miracle to get three kids to play together for any length of time, but these three get along great; it's so nice to see!

Round 5...I know...was with Auntie K the next day! She and I went out to a fabulous brunch and, since we were the last customers and the bakery was closing for a week, they sent us home with lots of free goodies. Paul and the girls spent the day with Amanda and Pete in South Philly, watching the Mummers parade and eating lots of yummy goodies. At some point Carly called as asked me for $40 so she could play fantasy football...I'm sure that was totally her own idea, too.

And then, back to regular life. Carly working on homework from school and getting ready to dive into homework from home, and Bree (in fairy wings, an apron, a hula skirt and princess shoes) rotating between painting her nails and making art. =)

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