Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

In 2011....

Carly tried basketball, did swimming, dance, gymnastics and reads anything she can.
Bree just about taught herself to swim and started dance which she loves above all else.
Paul graduated from his school and picked up battery command.
Liz (finally!!!) finished all the requirements to be a financial counselor.
Spring was busy.
Summer was epic.
Fall was fun.
And winter has been so far, and thankfully, nonexistent weatherwise.

There has been lots of working, volunteering, house painting, Girl Scouting, glitter, driving and sand.

In 2012 (as far as we know)...

Carly will keep dancing, do tennis, swimming, weekend sleepover camp and probably art class during the summer.
Bree will definitely keep dancing, do swimming and probably art class in the summer. She's on schedule to read at the same age as Carly; the girl literally cannot wait to know what all those words say and she'll start preschool at the best place we could find.
Paul will train like crazy, deploy, and come home again.
Liz will keep volunteering, doing the Girl Scout thing and the taxi thing and, oh right, have a baby.
Spring will be crazy busy.
Summer will likely be rather sleepless.
Fall will take too long.
Winter will be joyful and amazing. Can't wait for THAT Christmas card. =)

I predict lots of working, care-packaging, Skyping, learning, glitter, poster paint, sand, diapers, monkey cheese for dinner, houseguests (please!!!), disco dance parties, happy and sad tears, adventures, less traveling for most of us and a significant increase in the sand quotient for one of us. It will be a good year - not easy, but good.

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Kalyn said...

oh, I love you. :)