Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy Wednesday with a Chance of Thunder

This is the lady who did our Christmas card photos - a friend of ours and another military mama whose husband is on roughly the same deployment schedule as Paul. Which is awesome because we have TONS of time, at the same time. We took all our many children down to the beach and she took some photos of me and the belly which I will post later. This is her oldest daughter helping with the light card. The sunset was sooo pretty and I think we might have gotten some good shots.
Meanwhile Carly and Claryssa were dancing in the waves. They're in the same class and had a great time playing together today. Bree was just having a rough day. At this moment she was screaming about not liking the coat she had on and just being pitiful and angry but she didn't want any hugs or to play in the sand. She just wanted to cry and be miserable, so we let her. I didn't take a picture because nothing will beat the one from a few days ago. Bree had a much better time when we went back to our friends' house for dinner and the girls all got to wear pretty dressups and have a tea party. =)
And then! On the way home, Carly got sad because I told her we were going to a meeting at Paul's work tomorrow but she knows he won't be there. We asked him to send a picture so the girls could kiss him goodnight and five minutes later we got this. He's so stinking cute, and I mean that in the most literal sense. He's been gone for almost three weeks and hasn't had a shower yet. I'm hoping they get a chance to get clean while they're doing their Superbowl party thing this weekend, or at least before they get on the plane to come home - can you imagine being a flight attendant on a plane with a few hundred men who haven't bathed in over a month? No, thank you

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