Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry and Bright!

Santa came to our house!!! Those stockings were PACKED...we went a teensy bit overboard on stocking stuffers this year; it's a hazard of starting your Christmas shopping in September. Also - the "Oops" book is a flipping riot, but it's a funny cause-and-effect book, which is better for Carly's age - Bree was completely lost but she laughed when we laughed anyway. =)
Possibly Bree's favorite gift - four pairs of dress-up shoes from Carly. Bree has been wearing them all day.
Carly's favorite present - her Silly Hair Lalaloopsy!
Unpacking their cool art bag from Grammy! The book is a huuuuuge hit and the bag was full of supplies for making the projects - so easy to gather when we were already at the store and not forgetting one thing or another like I would do if we had waited to get them all together! I'm so excited to see what cool things these girls make.
Paul and his Kindle! He figured out how to work it and he likes it! I got spoiled totally, completely, absolutely rotten with a new set of pots, new knives (that CUT! Hallelujah!!!) and a very cute, VERY pink purse. I love it so much! And I had to laugh because I had this giant stack of huge boxes and bags and Paul had this eeeeeeety bitty Kindle. Poor guy! =)
Making our rounds of the Christmas presents, here the girls are coloring the roof of their cardboard gingerbread house they got from our cousins. Well, Carly is coloring. Bree is painting her nails for the tenth time this morning.
Santa also brought packages of stick-on moustaches for the girls and I personally think they are HYSTERICAL. Carly added a 'stache to her penguin. Awesome!!!!
And two collages...the first is Carly playing with her totally RAD Rory's Storycubes's such a cool thing! You roll the dice and make up a story about what is on the dice. It gets her little brain going...this is MY favorite gift so far. =) The second collage is Bree, the fabulous. I love that kid and all her sparkle, even though she's upstairs right now crying pitifully because she can't have her lollipop yet. She hung her head and dragged her face all the way up there, but she'll be down in a few minutes, happy again. Yay!

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