Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Thanksgiving Pics...finally...

You already know about the baby, so it's clearly not that. The great news is THIS: my friend Katherine is upgrading to a big awesome camera and sold me her less-big-but-still-awesome current camera for a ridiculously low price. I. Am. Stoked. I kept saving for my own new shiny camera but stuff kept happening, like our old computer exploding, brakes needing replacing, that stupid propane tank needing filling...I think the Universe was just telling me to hold the heck on. So anyway, my Christmas present is a hand me down fancy-cam and I'm beyond excited. You should be too, because it will mean the end of grainy, no-flash iphone pictures. YAY. I know I just made your week.  =)

So just bear with me and The Blur for a couple more days.
For example, this dark but highly hilarious photo of all the Fischer boys making weird faces at something while we were out at Chickie and Pete's the night before Thanksgiving.
Pretty girl right before Thanksgiving dinner. Bree was having drama, so she was laying facedown on the porch at this moment. This tunic, BTW, actually fit carly more like a dress when we bought it. I swear her legs have grown two inches this fall.
Going through Uncle Pete and Aunt Amanda's wedding album with Aunt Diane and her friend Dawn who joined us for dinner. The girls loved pointing out all the people in the photos.
How we spent our DAT! Jumping on haystacks at the Woodmere. So fun!
Aunt Louise and Uncle Tony had a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night. This is their daughter Lisa's boyfriend's son - the nicest kid! He and the girls played really well together all night. They played "cars" and "guys" but Bree insisted that they were really playing "princesses" because she found the two princesses that are part of the Mario set...or something...either way they had a great time.
This is Paul's cousin Cate. She had very red MAC lipstick on, a fact that Bree noticed, and pointed out, the second Cate walked in the door. Bree walked right up to her and said "YOU have RED. LIPS." Later on, Bree got a mini makeover which was pretty much the best thing in her whole life to that point.
Bree and Auntie Lisa...Bree is looking sidelont at herself in the mirror, admiring her own RED. LIPS.
On the drive home we stopped at Zoe's which I think I've already told you, but I'm going to bring it up any way because my friend Michelle is worried about my dietary intake. So, y'all, forget I said Paleo. Just go with no sugars and no grains, because I'm eating tons of beans and those are anathema to caveman folks. This will make Christmas food a little annoying, but whatever. Y'all can eat all the gingerbread and eggnog cookies you want - until people start commenting on how big your butt is (had another old lady at the gym yesterday predict a boy based on the fact that there is as much in the back as there is in the front). THEN you can come with me to salad-and-chickpea land where we do lots and lots of squats and lunges.

It's fun here, promise. Fun. =)

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Our Family of Four said...

Oh so sorry. It must have been step-up on your soapbox day. And I don't worry about your dietary habits because I KNOW you eat healthier than anyone else I know.