Monday, December 05, 2011


As in, I am. All the time.

We had these big fat Italian hoagies from the pizza place near our house and they were greasy and awesome. I'd been cleaning the house all day (more on that later) and Paul didn't feel like having leftovers, so we ordered in. We hardly ever do that but it was soooo good. And here I am, in the middle of the night, feeling like I haven't eaten all day, so hungry it almost hurts.

A banana and a handful of pecans later, and it feels better, and I'm going to try and talk myself out of admitting that I still want to EAT. See...the problem is, well, I'm pregnant. So that's one part of it. The second part of it is that Bree wakes up crying every single night between 10 and 11 and I can't go back to sleep for hours afterward. Meanwhile my baby is all, "oh we're up? Great, because I'm STARVING." These kids, I tell ya.  =)

So the solution that seems about right to me right now is going back to a modified Paleo plan for the rest of this term. I say modified, because what I really mean is whatever you would call not eating grains or sugars. I still plan on eating dairy and tons of fruit like normal but I really have to give the fig newtons (and um, huge lovely greasebomb hoagies) a rest or I'll be huge myself, which would be unsat to the max. I've already been told by quite a few sources that my butt is getting big, so, we need to do something different, because Baby needs to EAT and I need to look somewhat like my normal self within a reasonable amount of time after meeting this ravenous child.

Okay, so about the house. I wrote out a whole thing, but it's stupid. Suffice it to say, 15 Minutes a Day is not enough. My floors get dirtier faster than any other floors ever, anywhere, in all of history, and we take our shoes off at the door. I'm thinking of requiring that everyone levitate, but I'm pretty sure that would mean extra fingreprints to try and get off the walls. AND speaking of that? If you're trying to go green in your home decorating, just know that the natural, no-fume paint in the eggshell finish that is supposed to be super easy to clean, isn't.  =)

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Our Family of Four said...

If you want my opinion, and ok maybe you don't and that's cool, don't think paleo think healthy. First let's face it, your body ALWAYS wants to gain 50 lbs when pregnant. Who knows if it's psychological, physical, or both. Whatever. But a hoagie, while so good going down, has about a bazillion calories and won't keep you satisfied. The paleo diet isn't bad but don't let go of the yummy, nutitious non-paleo foods that might satisfy you and baby. Like hummus, which is on my mind because I just made some with the tahini my sweet sister sent. But I digress. Hummus wraps loaded with veggies might help sustain the beast without widening your backside. And since God cursed us with fat retention during pregnancy you might want to go the lowerfat route that paleo can't offer due to the lack of carbs. But you did say modified so ya know, I may be talking just to hear myself ;o) If this is the last one don't worry too much. You've always lost the weight in the past. If you're hungry you're hungry. Whatcha gonna do?