Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Few Photos!

We got the girls' photos done for our Christmas cards last week. Blogger is being ridiculous and will not upload any more than this, so here's what we have so far! I have a CD full of 25 shots of cuteness. I'm really happy with the pictures. We ordered our cards this morning and they're already on their way to us! THAT is exciting - practically instant gratification. =)

We went to old town Swansboro, on the White Oak River for our shoot. It's a lovely location and the weather was perfect. It's amazing to me how much the girls do look alike, but they have different eyes. Carly has my almond-shaped eyes and Bree has Paul's more rounded and deeper-set eyes. But below that, they're like clones of one another. I can't wait to see what Baby looks's such a fun part about siblings. Anyway, on to the photographs!

I ordered a large print of this one because I love it so much. There's another photo I'll try to upload tomorrow that is so pretty of Bree, but in this one, Carly shines. That SWEET face with her big dimples!

Paul's in the field the first part of this week and of course it would be raining all day and then dipping down to the high 30's. It sounds like pure misery to me, but they are having a great time, especially since they are the only battery in the battalion to do this particular training. Paul's like a kid in a candy store with his training schedule - he's having a blast. Here at the house, we're just getting things reorganized and making plans for Albert the Elf who will be making his debut on Wednesday night. Hopefully when Paul returns he will show me where my phone charger is...until then we are photo-free, unfortunately.

There was something else I wanted to tell you but Bree is awake - this is not unusual - and she wants to know why I'm still awake. This is the point at night when she begins her usual campaign to sleep in my bed. Then Carly comes down and does the same thing. After being kicked in the ribs every night we were in Pihladelphia, I'm over it and have relegated nocturnally wandering children to pallets beside our bed. They aren't fans of this arrangement but apparently don't hate it enough to actually sleep in their own beds. So, they get whatever measure of comfort they need by being in the same room with us and I avoid very sharp elbows and kicky feet. I love the tiny kicks I get from the inside, but the BIG ones outside...not as cute.


Our Family of Four said...

Oh Liz those 2 are so unbelievably adorable! Yes they look alike and yet distinctly different, which I love. Fisch 3 is bound to be a beauty as well. Can you tell I'm thinking girl ;o)

McCoyFamily said...

I loved your Christmas card they girls are so beautiful..Unlike Michelle I'm pulling for a boy;)