Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Whoa Mama


I'm sitting down for what might be the first and last time in two weeks. =)

We're going up to Paul's office in about ten minutes to decorate for the Fall Festival. Most of the other Marines have decorated their offices already, but the spouses and I from Golf only got the go-ahead tonight. Do you notice something wonky about this picture? The other MARINES have done theirs? And yet it is SPOUSES doing ours?

That would by my fault.

You would think that by now I'd have learned that people (particularly males and children) will not do what they do not have to do. If something is going to be done for them, they will happily allow that to take place. So, when a do-er (for example, me) gets impatient and starts planning and organizing things, those non-do-ers sigh in relief and promptly forget about whatever it is that needed to be done. Then we end up with a situation like tonight, when I am driving 40 minutes one-way on a school night, meeting another mom who is coming straight from her kids' school Fall Festival, another mom who has two toddlers, two non-parent non-working spouses and potentially (hopefully!!!) another mom with two toddlers who was supposed to be painting the backdrop but hasn't returned my texts, phone calls or emails in two weeks.

Guess who is stressed out about it? Not the Marines, that's for DARN sure. This entire thing is technically for them and they do *not* care. Not any of the other spouses, especially the hundred or so who have never ever showed up to anything. I'm stressed out about it, which is totally pointless, I know, but I'm committed to it, and unfortunately, I'm so very much like a bull dog. I'm phsyically unable to just drop the ball already.

So...let's all just hope it goes well. Let's hope our artist friend comes through with her project. Let's hope the rest of the things I needed from Marine supply are in the office and that my wild children don't make me crazy. Let's hope the two different kinds of chili I made for the chili cookoff that we kind of got told to enter because there weren't enough cooks signed up stay warm and/or cool enough during the logisical gymnastics it's going to take to get them up there tomorrow and heated for judging. Let's hope I can gain some perspective and calm the heck down - it's really NOT all that bad. Or that hard. It's just crazy.

Also, I totally brought it on myself. =)

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