Sunday, October 23, 2011

Funny! Four Photos =)

So, Daisies. We meet at a local church twice a month, and on the non-meeting weeks, we go places. Last weekend, we went to Mike's Farm. Only two other girls came, but it was still fun. Hopefully as the year progresses, we'll have a little more involvement....but me planning fun things and then just a couple of people showing up seems to be the norm! Despite the low turnout, my girls had a blast. Here's Bree hugging some mums. =)
Okaaaay, y'all. this is why I don't post photos of myself. =)
Then, the next day, we met the battalion at a local jumpy place where Carly and Avery caused mayhem as usual. They're so funny together.
Carly's addition to our grocery list. Santa will definitely have to remember gummy bears for these two girls. AMAZING, isn't it, that Christmas is only nine weeks away???? So crazy.

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