Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bree Randoms

There is a rain garden in front of the Emerald Isle rec center that has been populated with butterfly-friendly flowers and bushes. It is, no exaggeration, Bree's single favorite part about going to soccer clinic. I love this picture because she looks so prissy - and our girl is the opposite of prissy. =)

Carly and Paul disappeared to the man cave to play Tiger Woods golf on the PS2, so Bree and I took a walk. It's a chilly day, and was really overcast, so it was peaceful outside. The sun has decided to come out (after I cancelled the Girl Scouts hike for tonight - oops!). She's such a pretty girl, and getting SO big. Since we moved her in June, she has grown from 33.5 inches to 38 inches!

These bushes are ALL over our neighborhood. They're not particularly pretty, and every couple of weeks they send up these awful leggy things out of their tops - we have a couple in our backyard. I couldn't understand why everyone would have such impractical bushes until this week when they began blooming. Oh my word, they smell so pretty! Still not sure it completely makes up for their high-maintenance-ness, but it does make the walk to the schoolbus really pleasant. =)
I totally made pretzel rolls today! They're supposed to be pretzels, but they rose and baked up into big squishy balls, so I'm going with pretzel rolls. Who knew flour, water, yeast and a little honey could taste so yummy! They're nice and chewy, if not super pretzel-y. =)

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