Sunday, October 30, 2011


We carved our pumpkins last night! Here's Bree (in her wedding dress and carrying her silver purse as always!) with her Ghostie. I did it freehand and thanks to my less-than-awesome carving skills it looks more like a tree trunk or a peanut, but hey she loves it so we're going with Ghostie. =)
Carly supervising Paul's spooky face. Personally I think her CRAZY hair is much, much scarier. =)
This is the design Carly chose for her pumpkin! One-eyed friendly smiling monster with pointy teeth. SO cute! My pumpkin (not shown) is just your traditional friendly Jack with triangle eyes.
Then, this afternoon we went to the fall festival at our church. It was really cute and the girls had a great time. The "toy in a haystack" booth was their absolute favorite - jumping in the hay was probably the best part. =)
Carly got a jump rope - rad - and proceeded to fall on her face about a hundred times. She'll get it!
This is what Bree found! And a quick plug for Zulily - how great is her shirt?! It makes me laugh every time.
I have a couple more cute photos from the rest of the day but Blogger is being annoying and won't let me do maybe tomorrow! Our girls are super excited about Halloween and their costumes are so darn cute!

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