Monday, October 31, 2011


Over the past couple of months I've noticed something.

Going outside the house three days and two evenings a week to do non-Mommy-stuff is one thing when my girls are cared for a few miles from the house and Paul is home every night at 5. It's another thing altogether when I he's not home until 8 or 9 and leaves for weeks at a time. That other thing doesn't work for us.

Other people can do it - I've seen it over and over again, but I don't know how. The only thing I can figure is that some folks are fulfilled in the home and some folks aren't. No judgement at all, it's just like having brown or blond hair. I like what I do at pretend work and I'll keep doing it, just not as much.

Bree and I are home today, getting the house put back together after the weekend and getting ready for Halloween tonight. It's so nice to just BE here with her, and not rushing off to one place or another.

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