Tuesday, November 01, 2011


So many exciting things coming up!

This week, I'm hanging out with the ladies from our battalion. We're trying out (breaking in) a new babysitter that night and I expect it will be a super fun time for everyone.

We're "planting" our Thankful Tree THIS WEEK. *It will happen, it will happen, it will happen* I like this particular design the best - what do you think? Just BIGGER and minus the snow. I love the tissue paper leaves! We already have double sticky tape and tons of black construction paper...perfect.

Next weekend I'm taking my Daisies down to the Carolina Beach State Park...fun times! It's a super long drive, but I think my girlies should have fun.

We have the ball a couple of weeks after THAT, which...well...my options are bowling ball or disco ball. =)

Then Thanksgiving in Philly! We are all so excited about that - we're super homesick and cannot wait.

And also? Something less fun, but still...um...educational:

I had all these plans for baked goods this year! For pumpkin muffins and cheesecakes and cookies, bread, stews, braised meals...but y'all! I just learned today that our cooking and water heating is not actually provided with our water service like I expected. Nevermind that I never really considered HOW they would go about piping gas to the island...over the bridge? Under the sound? Honestly, Liz. There is a huge (and almost empty) hundred gallon propane tank right outside the window...oddly enough they have a tank that big because it's not only for the fireplace (like I figured). So baked goods, and long cozy showers, and anything that requires hours of simmering on the stove, as well as baking anything less than a completely FULL oven...over and done. Nothing like paying up front (at 3.95 a gallon - barf) for power to make you use LOTS LESS OF IT. And we can just forget about using that tempting gas log fireplace. I will cut out construction paper flames and light a woodwick candle.

Winter, meet StickerShocked Liz. =/

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