Monday, September 05, 2011

Weekend Update catch up!

After the beach on Saturday, the boys went to a sports bar and the girls and I hung out at home. Our sweet babysitter came over after the kiddos were in bed so the rest of us could go over to our neighbors' house for the East Carolina football game. The house was packed and loud and soooo fun. We met a million new neighbors and I've come to the conclusion that being fun must either be a requirement for living in our 'hood OR boring people just don't up and move to the beach.

Sunday we went out to breakfast at Mike's Place. Carly and I had gone ahead to get the table and by the time we were finally seated, homegirl and I were a sweaty mess! But the food was great as usual and our littlest princess ate like a field hand. That's always fun to watch haha - where does she put it all?!

The boys and Carly went to play mini golf and then came to pick up Bree for some pool time. We were heading to a bbq later, and I managed to score a break for myself by making lemon bars which served two purposes: 1) The break I just mentioned, and 2) They just couldn't go by boat to the soundside house where the bbq was being held; they must be driven there in the AC so they didn't melt.

Backstory: I get motion sickness and that fact, coupled with my pathological fear of barfing = I don't want to go anywhere near a motorboat, canoe, kayak, cruise ship, pontoon boat, sailboat, inner tube, life raft or any other seaworthy vehicle. It's just not happening. And our friends and neighbors keep inviting me and are so sweetly insistent about it, I'm starting to have to be really creative in getting out of what I'm very sure are incredibly fun boating adventures for those lucky individuals without my particular set of issues.

Hence the lemon bars. And it worked! Yay!

So anyway, I drove over to our other friends' rad soundside house with the big pier and huge deck - so fun. And then the kids, Paul and his brothers came over on the boat. Carly and Bree got to be towed behind the boat once they arrived - in a big slow circle within my field of vision at a couple of miles an hour (and you KNOW they were in their life vests!!!) and Uncle Pete with a hold on the tow rope. Carly LOVED it and Bree was a little unsure. I'm sure next summer she'll be water skiing barefoot, though! =) haha

The sound is AWESOME - just about four feet deep at high tide for a couple hundred yards from the shore. The girls (with their life jackets!!!) and I swam for fun. And the boys threw the football back and forth, our friends and some new friends just hung out there on the pier. So relaxing and the weather was painfully perfect. I literally could not think of anything more perfect.

After the bbq was ended, the boys were dropped off at the airport and my two tuckered out little mermaids were snoring away, we had our fabulous sitter come back over and Paul and I rode down to the Emerald Club to hear our favorite band play. They are SO good and their music is the kind that you literally cannot sit through - you MUST move your body! Paul even danced for five or six songs and if you know him - that is huge. We met some new friends (third set this weekend - I swear we've met 20 new people if we've met one) who kept buying us drinks because of Paul's job. After the first couple of very strong drinks magically appeared at my table, I had the waitress start bringing me water dressed up like a drink...and that one little trick I swear has made the difference in my overall quality of life today.

So anyway, this is super long. We're taking it easy today; getting the house ready for the week and just hanging out. The girls are down for a nap they both enthusiastically protested...which of course is only an indicator of how much they needed it! Paul's off to Morehead City to ge this oil changed and run to Harris Teeter for me and I'm here...doing this instead of laundry and cleaning bathrooms. =) I guess I should get back to work.

I hope y'all are having a good holiday weekend!

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