Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Silly Sisters and One Great Saturday

We're all healthy over here, thank goodness! It has been raining for the last several days and looks like it's going to keep it up for a while. I am still loving it because our house is cozy in the rain, plus Paul came home and it's just so nice to see him, I like the rain as a side effect. =)

I did find some pictures - yay! And was able to successfully email myself a few from our adventures today. These first two are from a couple of weeks ago when I took the kiddos into the doctor to see about their allergies. Carly was having some of the same allergy-related asthma issues as she was in Baton Rouge, so we got a little refill on her "dragon breath" (inhaler with a spacer!) and some Zyrtec...she's all better now, and thanks to the fact that my children are a riot, the wait was highly entertaining.
So onto today!
Paul fell asleep almost immediately after he got home - that's what happens when you sleep on the hood of a humvee for a week, in the rain. Correction, when you TRY to sleep on the hood of a humvee for a week, in the rain. Then we all slept in and had a nice quiet morning.

After that, Carly and I went to her BFF's birthday party! It was at a jumpy place and lots of Sophia's girlfriends from school were there. That was a little weird for Carly, who is used to having Sophia's undivided attention, but it ended up working out okay. I let Carly pick out Sophia's present earlier this week, and Carly decided Sophia wanted a 'spa day.' In keeping with that adorable theme, Sophia got a bag full of yummy-smelling bath goodies including my favorite soap ever, Yardley's in pomegranate rose.
Paul and Bree had been spending the morning at the house and they were both ready to get out, so we met them at this bowling/arcade place nearby - they have mini-golf, go-carts and batting cages outside which we will have to try out when it's not so soggy. It's always a bit of an adventure to see what she's going to look like when I've had no say in her did not disappoint. See the leg sweaters? She loves them!
Then, this. Miss Thang.
They have millions of cool video games....sort of like a exponentially less disgusting Chuck E Cheese. (It's actually a major life goal to never go back to CEC again, btw.)
They loved this roller coaster ride!
The cutest! Both of them!!!
Meanwhile Bree and I were running around to all of the games you climb, race cars, Panzer tanks...we lost spectacularly at that dancing game with the arrows, but it was fun!
Then we bowled a game! Carly beat me again - and this is her victory dance. =) It was pretty busy because there's not just a whole lot to do around here when it's raining outside, but the place is REALLY nice. We had a great time and are looking forward to going back. The place is called Mac Daddy's and the mini golf is called the Golfin' Dolphin. It was a great way to spend an afternoon!
Paul took the girls back home for naps (that they did not take) and I drove back into Jacksonville to attend a smell-good party. I scored four Christmas presents for under budget (wahoo!) and got to chat with some nice people. It was really fun, but since I apparently have zero stamina lately - I'm blaming the rain - I came home and managed to talk Carly into reading her Odysseus book to me. I was out before the first page was over! Haha - then she and Bree fell asleep watching Paul play his new PS2 hockey game. We're SO AWESOME. =)

Tried out a new restaurant and saw Moneyball for date night tonight! Coming home, the palm bugs were all over the boardwalk-like sidewalk area in front of the theater. I was jumping all around trying to avoid them and ended up busting my behind, cartoon style. Loving the weekends! It's different than summertime, but still so nice!

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