Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes You Feel Like a List

  • Today I have an interview with my husband's boss, to be officially approved to do the volunteer work I'm already doing. I think it's a box he has to check off...Paul thinks it's going to take up my whole morning.
  • Today we also have gymnastics and an organizational meeting for Daisy Scouts. I'm the leader, exactly like I wanted, because no other parent really wanted to do it, a fact which I find persistently odd. I literally can't get over it - what do you MEAN you had the chance to be in charge and you didn't want to do it?! Baffling. =) The GS council didn't 'find' me in their system until the interested parents had met a couple of times with the area leader. But, it works out for me! I feel like it has taken entirely too long to get this ball rolling, but things will start up soon and I literally cannot wait.
  • Today it is also (still) rainy and dark. The girls are still asleep and I hate to wake them but I'll have to so we don't miss the bus. Five more minutes.
  • I successfully made kolaches yesterday! The heavens rejoiced and Paul ate five. =)
  • The rest of the week is pretty normal! Bree has storytime Tuesday morning, Carly has ballet Tuesday afternoon, Bree has soccer and ballet Wednesday and then we're done with extracurriculars for the week. Paul will be home at some point each night and I do regular volunteering Thursday and Friday.
  • Oh and we MIGHT get some sunshine Thursday! That will be nice. I'm not complaining about the rain but I would like to see the outside of my house more than the inside at some point.
Happy Monday!

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