Thursday, September 08, 2011

Suggestions Welcome!

Sort of. =)

What? I'm being honest. You can't really tell me anything....a fact which has caused, I'm sure, unending frustration to people who love, and know better than, me.

I just ordered a sound machine to go outside the girls' door in hopes that they will actually stay in there past 5:32am when I'm down here trying to get a jump on the day. Our house is built in such a way that sounds from upstairs (other than Bree's lovely pteradactyl screaming when she's mad at Carly, frustrated with her clothes, bored, etc) don't really come downstairs but sounds from down here go straight up. And apparently there is some sort of alarm action where girls who would normally sleep a full hour longer are compelled to get down here and start making messes and asking questions.

We'll figure it out.

In other news, the battalion is planning for the Fall Festival and part of that is a decorating contest between batteries. We're supposed to have a theme - all the other batteries do - and a plan, but we don't. Paul was stuck for the LONGEST time on wanting to do a devil's den and finally I just had to say no. Not like I'm the boss or anything but it was kind of fun to say NO and have it actually work for once. Now we are theme-less, though, and we'll have to work on that. There is a ladies' night tonight - all of three wives (besides me, of course) are going. Normally these would be things I'd host here in my home, but we live REALLY far away from everyone, and that thing I said earlier about the noise would come into play a little bit. From what I understand, high attendance isn't really something I can expect from these functions unless there is information and/or free stuff involved....what can you do! It will still be fun. =)

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McCoyFamily said...

I'm sure if your involved it will be amazing;)