Sunday, August 28, 2011

All Good in the Hood's all good.

Most of our family who have asked know that we are a-ok and home again (WITH power, THANK GOD). We had some twigs down and lots of leaves, but other than that, there aren't any problems here. We did lose all the shingles along the peaks and creases of our roof and there are big ruffly patches everywhere ...we're thinking that, much like a lot of things in our little casa, roof maintenance has been neglected for a while and it's probably due for a new one anyway. Not great news for our landlords, but what can you do? That's why they pay an arm and a leg for wind insurance.

We went out to the beach to look for shells, but didn't find too much. We did see a crusty barnacle-y deck chair, a couple of tires and a hilarious see-through crab that ran sideways and tried to snap Paul's toes.

And now we're back with some yummy steaks on the grill. We missed our normal weekend, but we're all good and what more could we ask for? The damage here, is just minimal, especially compared with what we saw in Louisiana. A couple of Paul's Marines had some damage to their houses from trees falling, and our shrimp shack was obliterated but honestly - it is FINE. I really hope our friends and family north of us will be able to say the same things!

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