Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Series of Bad Photos

I'm posting these anyway because they're hilarious. The girls and I went out to a park we haven't explored yet because it was less than 90 degrees after school today (yay!) and just so beautiful outside. Also, Bree has been having a little trouble getting to sleep, so after a day of friend school while I was at Navy Relief, I tried to wear her out even MORE. We'll see if it works. was super bright and as I was emailing these to myself, I chose the funkiest ones totally by accident each the future I'll wait until I'm at least in the car before sending photos to myself. =)
Exhibit A: the ten seconds of grouch-face in an otherwise adorable climbing photo. Also the sole of Bree's totally rad new running shoes.
Exhibit B: Upon Carly's request, I am posting a photo of my leg after I totally busted my a$$ at the bus stop. There are these big ropes strung up between posts and guess who didn't step high enough...lovely! AND I'm in a dress. I do NOT have a visible tan line on my foot, however. My word.
Exhibit C: like a nanosecond before this particular photographic gem was snapped, Bree was standing there with her hands on her was adorable.
Exhibit...what, 4? Anyway, you get the point. I won't even bother saying I'm going to send myself the good photos because I'll probably (almost definitely) forget and will have moved on to the next cool thing we're doing. =) Carly's fancy shoes got a lot of attention today, even though they don't really 'go' with a frilly dress, she has to wear athletic shoes every day. Lucky for us we found shiny silver beaded ones! A lady at the bus stop this morning asked Carly if she and Bree ever wore pants and Carly was like, "uh, NO."  Love that kid!

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