Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Checking In! =)

Good morning everyone!

We had a great holiday yesterday. Highlights were:
  • The cable guy made Paul's DAY by stringing a really long cable around the outside of the house making the coveted man-cave possible.
  • We played an exciting game of Wild Animalopoly with Carly while Bree napped.
  • We had a fabulous dinner - hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon and apple-blueberry pie. It was so yummy!
  • Then fireworks in the street in front of our house - the girls were in awe!
  • THEN, finally, we rode our bikes down to the pier with half of North Carolina and watched a beautiful, hourlong fireworks show.
Now Paul is out in the garage setting up his mancave and questioning every single decision I made out there about storage and what we should keep. He has a huge stack of stuff that he wanted to throw away. I said no and he's all "sell it on Craigslist then." I just walked back in the house. It's going right back into the storage area when he goes to work tomorrow and I think he probably knows that. I do plan on getting rid of the fifty-eight bajillion extra curtain rods we have accumulated over the course of our many moves, though! They are driving me nuts!  =)

My friend Katherine told me a cool way to work around my darn camera issue while I'm waiting for it to come back from the shop and as soon as I get to a place where I have enough service to download and app I will get that taken care of! I know words are so boring.

Okay, the girls say hi - we're off to start our regular Tuesday with storytime and gym and a cool activity for Carly at the library this afternoon. It's so exciting to be on the island during the summer - such a cool, vacationy vibe. I have to admit that the scene down at the pier was not quite what I expected, but then again, we usually do beach time by the $5k a week rentals...that's a different set of folks than go down to the beach with a 24 pack of Natty Lite for the 4th. Just saying. =)

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