Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo Drama

It all started in 2007 when Carly accidentally knocked my camera off the counter and shattered the lense and some stuff inside that the camera store couldn't fix. That was my first digital camera and I loved it with all my heart. It was arguably the best camera I have ever owned.

Then followed a series of crappy cheap cameras that stop working for NO REASON. And no, peanut butter smeared on the lens thing that goes in and out to focus by tiny little hands, or sand, or being dropped multiple times by people other than children (um, maybe me...) or being accidentally packed or...the list goes on.

Anyway, ALL of that is to say that here we are at a series of important occasions and I have no camera.

Thankfully I DO have an iPhone. Once I figure out how to upload those pics to this blog, it will be all good, but until that time...please check Facebook!!!

Right now, I'm making Carly's birthday 'cake.' I say 'cake' because it is made out of Rice Krispy Treats and the body is a thin layer of treats wrapped around two giant plastic cups. I 'glued' it on with peanut butter because for some weird reason, buttery krispies won't just stick to plastic. So bizarre, right? =)

Anyway, I really want to share our glowing standing rainbow unicorn cake here...maybe one day I will be able to....for now I'll just lean WAY out over our balcony so I can get more than one bar of cell phone service and photos will actually upload to Facebook. Haha.

In other news, our house feels like a home now. This is partly due to Paul stomping around leaving his sweaty gym clothes all over the floor and eating all the almond butter and its also partly due to my having put away most of the extra decorating stuff in our living room. Clutter drives me NUTS. I'm a much happier mama when everything is nice and neat. Believe it or not. =)

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KKGhoffman said...

First you can just email yourself your pictures from your iphone or sync it :)
But you could also get the free pixelpipe app and load pictures and text to facebook and your blog at the same time :)