Saturday, July 30, 2011

Beeda Is Here!

I have access to a camera - yeehaw! We won't go over the usual lapsed-blogger apologies...we'll just jump right into a bunch of photos, okay? =)

So here's Bree! She is SUPER tan, really big, and totally rocking the linking necklace Amanda brought for her. Right now we're sitting outside in the shade where an ocean breeze makes it actually really nice =)
Amanda brought those cool little foam animals that you can put into warm water and they grow. Emphasis on the word WARM, is in, NOT recently boiling water....
They decorated flip flops - such a fun idea - while I made dinner for us.

Lovely picture of actually goes a long way toward explaining a certain beach photo that will NOT be posted. Haha - kidding. This was our yummy yummy banana pudding dessert - I'm pretty sure banana pudding with Nilla wafers is a universal favorite. =)

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ADB said...

beeda LOVED her visit and can't wait to come back again!!!! xoxo