Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where I'm From

** I can't sleep, and I found cool. Here is the link for the template - it's really interesting - you should do it!**

I am from a tiny dining room table, gray corn, Dial soap and Palmolive.

I am from the very pink room and the very small shared room, and then the one with the peeling bathroom floor.

I am from the old pecan tree with the magical brick path around it, and tangled squash vines and humidity.

I am from going camping and crazy eyebrows, from Walker, Bonnin and Carney.

I am from a sarcastic sense of humor, ferocious independence and giving back more than you ever got.

From stop putting Vaseline in your brother's hair, and architecture has too much math for you.

From Just As I Am and long, blue-carpeted aisles, VBS, memory verses and that big open pavilion at Falls Creek. The particular smell of a Baptist church, dust and crayons and old paper.

I am from Zachary, Louisiana, Scotland, England and France, from jambalaya and Honey-baked ham with black-eyed peas, and blueberry muffins and canned fruit cocktail for breakfast.

From the time they left a nail standing up in the middle of the road (we were so poor, how poor were we), from when they lived next door to that one segregationaist mayor during the Civil Rights Movement, and from hairsprayed backstage of the Nutcracker ballet every year for ten years.

I am from the albums and photos on a cedar porch, from framed kid art in a South Carolina basement, from the inside of cardboard boxes that have moved too many times.


Lifeisbutadream said...

OH Liz! I love this! What gret writing assignment! I'm going to do this too, and post on facebook is that ok? I'll give credit to you :)

Kalyn said...

okay- yours is SOOO Much better than mine. :0