Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So Boring!

Still no photos because still no camera. =) Sorry! I'll unearth it eventually.

So, I hired a painter. THANK GOODNESS! He comes on Saturday, and we'll need to be out of the house for that.

And the maintenance people finally called me back about all the stuff that doesn't work. They're calling in an electrician because there's no power to my room or a few outlets in the main area, and a guy to look at the sprinkler system. THANK GOODNESS! The earliest either of them can be here is Saturday, so we'll be sure to be home for that.

And Paul is coming home! THANK GOODNESS! He'll be here Saturday.

So all my plans to have the house perfect and ready by the time Paul walks in the door look like they're maybe (definitely) NOT going to happen, but I'm so happy to have him home I don't care. He won't notice that we still need thirty bags of mulch and baseboards are still scuffy - and if we're being honest here, he wouldn't have noticed the dingy dusty white paint on the walls, filthy baseboards or mildewy siding either. There is Bass and a new enormous grill with the hickory wood chips he loves. The TV works and all of his girls are here and thrilled to see him - THAT is what matters to him. The rest was for me. =) And it will happen in time.

For now, the girls and I are going to the gym. I have a million things to do here, but I need some sanity that only throwing myself around in the gym can provide. Monday they start gymnastics. Ballet, GirlScouts, piano and other sports will wait until the fall. It's amazing how much more stuff costs when you're paying for two. It's not twice because Bree is still in little-kid mode, but yikes. =)

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