Monday, June 20, 2011

A List or Two

Things I Have Accomplished:

-mostly finished painting the part of the downstairs that I can safely reach by either leaning over the bannister or standing, terrified, on our ladder. It should be noted that neither one of those things should be done while a certain intrepid 2 year old is watching. Cue heart attack!

-turned most of the crispity crunchity dying grass in our little yard into a hopeful-looking near-green. This may or may not have taken a shameful amount of watering.

-planted some really cute shasta daisies, big awesome yellow coreopsis and Mexican heather in the back, pulled out some really freaky looking vines from the trees and stared for several minutes in overwhelmed dismay at the tangled, neglected, overgrown mess that used to be landscaping behind my house. I have literally zero idea what to do with it all, but I'm sure it will come together. It probably just needs a nice healthy weeding and lots and lots (and LOTS) of mulch.

-powerwashed the house, ridding it of lots of green growing stuff and (oops) some paint here and there. My bad. It does look about a thousand times better but the pain peeling from the little swirly thing in the peak above the garage is giving me twitches.

- tried hard wood cleaner and a microfiber mop on the bamboo floors...was not impressed. Any ideas on this? The floors need refinishing, so they're a little rough, but something ought to work, right? I'm so thankful for our rad barstools because they are over TILE and I know how to clean that, at least. =)

Things I Have Not Accomplished:

-Doing a good job painting. Total fail - this will never be my day job.

-Potty training. Oh my word, can you say 'regression?' It has been horrible. Add to the accomplished list: cleaned carpet upstairs three times. In one day.

- The edges of my room. I'll probably do it tomorrow.

- Finding, planning, organizing, hanging curtains. I'm SO not even thinking about that. We'll get there eventually.

-Buying Carly's birthday present. I'll do that tonight - total deadbeat mom! Oh my word! I really can ONLY do one thing at a time.

-Finding my camera.

.....the list goes on.

But! The upside is, this craziness will be over, for good or bad, in about a week when Paul comes home. Then it will be another kind of crazy, the good kind. Cannot wait for him to get back home!

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