Friday, June 10, 2011

New Normal...for now

We got our bike fixed - they gave us a new inner tube and something else I forgot, but it should have fixed the problem. I'm really happy to have our wheels's so fun to be able to ride my cute little bike anywhere I want to go. =)

6-12 I work and the girls play
12-2 naptime for everyone!
2-5 beach, playtime, more worktime for me and a movie for them, errands, etc.
5-7 dinner and mommy time, playing in the pool, taking a walk, etc, then baths and bedtime
7-12 painting!!!

And repeat each day! This is how you move in and repaint a house on our timeline. =)

Now today we did the errands first because I needed the girls to take late naps. It's Free Flick Friday here on the Island tonight, and it starts at 7! We all need to be awake and happy, so sleep was a necessity. Okay, I have stuff to do, see ya later!

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