Monday, June 13, 2011

Right This Second!

The girls are eating - they've each had two baked sweet potatoes and are now eating these yummy restaurant-style corn chips PopPop bought for them at Whole Foods with smooshed up black bean dip and cheese. Bree pronounces it "chee-uz" which I love. This is after a peach and a plum (each) and applesauce. I sort of forgot about lunch today, can you tell? =)

The fighter jets are training - it's SO loud and just SO cool. I'm sure I'll be less impressed as time goes on, but right now, I'm loving it.

It's raining off and on...Carly thinks it's hysterical. She's telling the weather to make up its mind.

I'm procrastinating going back upstairs to do the other half of that GOSH AWFUL border in the girls' room. It is proportionately fugly and tenacious - I swear it is fused to the wall at the molecular level. Just know, because this is VERY important, that I had to personally scrape every single part of it. And it's taken a jug of vinegar and a jug of fabric softener, so that room smells really weird. Pickles and lavender...

The plan for the rest of the day is to just finish that stinking (literally) room. The girls will probably have to sleep in my bed because now I'm committed. I did call the painter to talk about doing the tops of the walls out here in the living room, and I keep reminding myself that it will only be another couple of weeks and it will all be DONE and we can enjoy our home.

One more funny thing - okay, so this house was for sale, right? That's why I dismissed it at first. Paul got the owners to agree to a two year lease with a third year where we'd make it available to be shown for sale. So when I moved in I expected the sign and the lockbox to be gone. WELL, it's been a week and those things are still here, so I just called the realtor (who happens to be on vacation) and she was like OKAY I KNOW ALREADY and I was like THEN TAKE CARE OF IT ALREADY...awesome conversation. Don't mess with Fleet Liz - she don't play.   =)

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KKGhoffman said...

You sound like us and our new house. It took us 1month to paint our whole house. I hope you get it done soon. But I know how you feel, we were just in the same boat