Thursday, June 09, 2011

What a Week!!!

Okay, so the downstairs (not counting our little storage closet and the garage and the pictures that will be hung after the walls are painted) is box FREE! Glory hallelujah!!! The girls' room is done, too. All I really have to do still is the small room with the handy closet office and the play area and all that little organizing stuff that I consider to be fully nonessential. I mean, it will get done before Paul comes home but it's not driving me (as) nuts.

Paul has had a heck of a time on his field op. The good news is that the battery leadership seems to be coming together despite a couple of pretty significant setbacks. He's doing an amazing job, and at the risk of sounding like I'm bragging...I can't imagine anyone who could navigate these rocky waters better than him. I'm really proud of him every day, but especially now.

So okay, the rest of this week will involve the above nitpicky details I mentioned above as well as lots and lots of painting and a free movie on Friday night. If it's not appropriate for (my) kids, we'll go to the theater that's conveniently RIGHT at the entrance of our neighborhood and see that stupid Panda movie. The kids will love it. Once my crazy bike flat is fixed I plan to drive as LITTLE as possible. Anything on the island will be via bicycle, but if I have to go over the bridge, like for the library or the farm stand or any kind of lessons, we'll have to bring Kerbie into play.

Okay, sleeping in the same room is not going smoothly for my girls tonight so I must go. There are ten minutes until So You Think You Can Dance and that show plus a Yuengling Light are my prize for today. =)

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