Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alive with Photos to Prove It

But not today - haha sorry.

I'm waiting for the house to wake up. I myself was woken up a little after 5:30am by Carly coming into the room where I had accidentally fallen asleep waiting for Bree to fall asleep. She (Carly) then went back into the room where she had been sleeping, only to begin fake-crying with all the volume and drama of a Broadway actress. It was seriously SO annoying. So because I'm a spectacular parent, I went in there, whisper-yelled at her and took away her shows. At 5:30am. That has to be some kind of record.

In my defense, however, she was able to stop crying immediately, like without even a hiccup, which I'm taking as solid proof it was a fake-out and totally manipulative. Sort of like how Bree will start the faux waterworks the second I walk out of the room before she's asleep here. Bedtime has been fired as my favorite time of day - it's not sweet and cozy, it's a stress fest that would like to kill me.

Not to mention the fact I slept in my jeans. =)

Anyway, today we're going to play at Aunt Amanda's work (she runs one of her family's daycare centers) and hopefully that will help. I'm not sure Bree will go into the classroom, but Carly can't wait for art class with the preschoolers! There's an art center here in Philly that has one-day art camps and she might get to go to one. I know she'd love it!

I hear little feet! Lord help me get through this day without losing my mind. =)

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