Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Other News:

Moving details are so boring when they are someone else's move. Sorry for the oversharing!
  • We have a house in Emerald Isle! Yay!
  • We are still moving on the original timeline so that Paul can be here for the pack-out which requires a little more attention than the move-in part.
  • He'll be back on June 24 and I have every intention of him moving into a HOME, not a half-unpacked disaster. You remember that movie Hurt Locker? Where the guy had to come home from a deployment and immediately clean out the gutters? Okay, I am not that wife.
  • I will be painting. I haven't told Paul that because I don't want to hear him tell me all the reasons why I shouldn't bother with that, but the walls are WHITE WHITE and the last time I checked, it's not 1985. Mama don't do white walls.
  • We have renters for our house in BR, thank goodness. Big relief seeing as how that house will probably never sell.
  • I'm having to extend my fellowship much to my incredible disappointment. I could have thrown Carly into Spring Break camp and worked all this week but there's no way I'd trade all of our fantastic experiences this week for a few more hours of work. It's not like I've been paid in a long time anyway...
  • That is all for now. The packers come on Wednesday, May 11. We will be in Philly until our scheduled move-in date of June 5. When we get there (and get some color on those barren walls) I will schedule with the movers to deliver our belongings. I'm getting excited! LOVE the move-in part!

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Simona said...

I am loving all these details and yes you need some color on your walls, if Paul says something blame it on me:)
I need to come visit on of these days so in the meantime enjoy your last days and see you in your new home
Hugs to you all