Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fun @ Lunga

We bought the cutest kite yesterday and went to go fly it. I voted for the National Mall because I never, ever, ever consider the drive. Well, when Paul is not TAD, I don't have the only say and I consider it a success that I was able to compromise us out of the neighborhood at least. =) We went across the base to Lunga Lake park. Not precisely the best location for flying a kite what with the trees and all (my bad), but he did a great job and the girls loved it.

Bree and I wandered down to the little playground and she had a fabulous time watching a group of Boy Scouts run around. Paul and Carly joined us later. It was so fun!

My family is SO AWESOME. You see Bree's behind over there, she was singing the Superman song. Carly was doing a funny dance while Paul climbed around and set just the worst horrible example ever =) =) =)

He JUMPED OFF!!! You see Carly and Bree's faces? They were shocked and awed, for sure.

We are so ready for the leaves to come out! It's hard to see in the photos, but there is a light green shadow on top of the trees - so pretty. We came home from playing and were all starving, so Paul grilled us some chicken and we had purple potato salad (made out of purple potatoes!), carrot and raisin salad and kale chips. It was a great end to a wonderful weekend.

Paul's heading down to Jacksonville tomorrow to get a feel for the place. We're both itching to get something accomplished on this move, and we're in that weird in-between time where we really cannot do anything but wait. Which, given the fact that neither one of us are any good at sitting still and not just Accomplishing's a bit of a challenge. =)

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