Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Building Museum

Blogger and I are having some issues with picture uploading today (such as the park photo which belongs at the very end). Maybe it's pouting because I have waited so long before adding any new pictures...who knows. As in everything else in life, it would be much easier if it would just do what I say. =) SO, this is from our Saturday. In the morning I was up in Alexandria helping out at a tax clinic, then Paul drove the girls up and we switched. He went to have some basketball drinks with a friend and the little ladies and I went to the building museum and to the park. Good times!

 I can't figure out how to put text in between the photos, so fill in with your own cute captions. This museum actually doesn't have just all that many exhibits, but they do have awesome family toolkits you can rent for $5. We got the one for the youngest kids, and it was all about patterns. Carly got to find patterns in the architecture of the beautiful main hall, then make some music patterns to match, find patterns in a story (3 Little Pigs), to rubbings of patterns and find architectural patterns. So darn cool. She came up with a music pattern where she'd tap the bottom of the triangle for the columns and the side of the triangle for the arch. She sat in a circle and turned around counting all the columns in the great hall..when she got to the BIG columns (pictures), she whacked the triangle really hard. =)  Bree, meanwhile, marched in circles with the tambourine and tried to jump in the fountain a bunch of times. =) There is also a photo of Bree lying on her back and somewhere in there, a photo of the ceiling...that was Bree's view at that moment.

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