Saturday, March 12, 2011

On A Happier Note!

Kelly's Corner is doing kids' birthday parties...and we all know what I think about parties! LOVE them!!! It's actually probably a good thing we move so much and the girls both have summer birthdays because if we threw big parties for each of them every year...that would be crazy. So, my poor husband is off the hook this year for BOTH...but next year, watch out! Haha. I'll put up a pic and a add a handy link to the full post about each party I've talked about here at the pond:

Carly's 2nd Birthday...where I really cut my teeth on how awesome kid parties could be! This was right in the middle of Paul's extra-long-work, and this party really helped distract me! Poor Maria had no idea what she was signing up for when she agreed to have a double party. =)

Then, on her 3rd birthday we bought a house and were moving, so we had a quiet little playdate at an indoor playground with some neighbors. It was low-key and still fun. As was the Splashy Place party, for her 4th birthday, pictured below:

Then, Bree's First! It was super fun and I think it turned out really well. We had it at home while our yard still looked halfway decent...I loved that party. She had a great time and our family drove in a couple of hours to help out. They really made the difference. We miss you Auntie Seewah and Uncle Dennis!

Then, right before we left Baton Rouge, we had Carly's Big Fabulous Rainbow Party. We did art, had a cool cake, played Minute To Win It games alllll wrong (but they were so much more fun that way!) and it was generally awesome. Carly had a great time, and that was the most important part.

It is seriously such a fun time planning these parties. They're all different - no cookie cutter anything, which is just how we like it. Imperfectly Perfect! =)  This year, we'll probably take the girls on a trip sometime in July to celebrate both their birthdays since we won't be in the JAX long enough to have party friends yet. But out, now.

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McCoyFamily said...

I miss your parties!! You sure no how to plan a party;)