Sunday, March 13, 2011

Michelle Flynn + Georgetown = Yay!

So, my friend is in town for a conference and she had some time and we went to Georgetown. Oddly, the new Sprinkles was the only cupcake shop that DIDN'T have a line out the door. I'm so happy she brought the beautiful sunshiney weather with her from Bogota!

Paul thinks these look like boobs. =)  Haha, what they really are, are a red velvet and a carrot cake cupcake. What they really really are, is amazing. SO yummy.

The weather was absolutely perfect, so we walked all over Georgetown. We came across this hilarious family who had taken the stucco off their home and couldn't figure out what color to paint it next. THIS was their plan - lemonade for votes! So awesome. I voted for the third from the right but now I like the color it is!


Kalyn said...

FLYNN!!!!!! So good to see you! :) I hope you two had fun, and I am soooo jealous about tasting a Sprinkels cupcake!!! Just in case I wasn't clear enough....


Morgan said...

I hope you hugged that crazy lady for me!