Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Knowing!

= the planning.

And the planning = happy Liz!

So, we're going to Camp LeJeune. I will write it but I can't say it out loud...not because I'm just so very upset that we're going there, though. The LeJeune family has insisted that everyone pronounce their name the 'right' way, which just so happens to NOT be the phonetic way...and I cannot bring myself to say "Le Jherrrn" just yet. I'm sure it will happen eventually, it just sounds weird right now. So in person I just say "North Carolina." =)

While I was up last night for hours on a regrettable sugar high from the neighborhood cookie exchange, I looked up all the twenty-two public elementary schools within a reasonable driving distance of the base. One of the good things about this duty station (in addition to being close to my Grandad and having a really low cost of living) is that we can drive there from here and I can go see schools and talk to teachers and make sure we're on the same page before we commit to a rental house on base or in town. Apparently I have ridiculous standards when it comes to education. BUT, I can just tell you that the South Topsail Elementary School serves fresh fruit and veggies Every. Single. Day. Plus it's pretty new, over half the teachers have 10 or more yeas experience, the school consistently meets its educations goals and performs in the top 80% or higher. Just saying. We may have to live in a cardboard box on the beach but at least our babies will go to a good school.

So we'll see. I guess it's not the worst thing in the world that our kiddos education is taking top priority when it comes to choosing a place to live. Paul has asked that we do public school, and I am just SO very grateful that decent public schools exist close enough to work for us. =)


Amanda said...

My cousin is an air force wife. School district along with gymnastics options have always been the deciding factor on their housing options in each city they have lived in. You are not weird for that. What I find weird is that people do not think it is normal. Right now they live in a 1970's postage stamp of a house in Maryland just to be in the exact school district they wanted.
...Oh, and her oldest daughter in on academic scholarship at Duke. :)

Michelle said...

Oh wow! Well, I must say I'm jealous! I want to go back to NC! I don't know anything about the schools in that area, but I know a LOT of NC public school systems are I'm sure you'll find a great one!

Our Family of Four said...

NO FAIR!!!! I knew first, then I didn't know, then I thought I knew and now I know NOTHING!

As for Le Jeune at least it's a nice place for kids with great base housing. And not too bad a drive or boat ride for shopping.

Don't think we'll be joining you though... San Diego is a possibility but not Lejeune. Happy planning!

Kalyn said...

THere needs to be a new post. This one SUCKS. :)