Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Waiting Is Driving Me Insane

Notice how I still haven't fixed the title bar. Anyone with access to PhotoShop is invited to send me a pretty little jpg and we will fix that right up. I'll trade for cookies.

Anyway, my poor husband is asleep on the couch after being grilled for the third time about how his conversation with The Monitor went.

*Quick break to explain who The Monitor is...he's the guy who decides where Marines go next. He gets a list of open jobs for a specific rank and specific job-type (like, Paul is artillery, other Marines do supply or infantry, etc.) and a list of all the Marines moving at a certain time, then he or she puts all the people into jobs. It's the sort of thing I would be spectacularly bad at, all those moving parts and people are mad at you or trying to get you to do a certain thing all the time. (shudder)*

So, moving on, Paul met with The Monitor last week and in the intervening couple of days, I have had no less than ten conversations with him and other friends about that meeting. It feels a lot like junior high. For example "....okay, I know he took down that you wanted West, but did he LOOK like you might get it?" Then I take each tiny morsel of information and dissecting it to the molecule with my friends. And if you've ever tried to get information from Paul Fischer you KNOW that tiny morsels are about as good as you can hope for.

This is what I can gather so far:
Throughout the conversation, neither man had any expression on his face at all. There was little to no body language and no papers were rustled. =)
Monitor: Where do you want to go?
Paul: West
Monitor: A lot of guys want West.
Paul: I know, sir, but I still want to get back out there.
Monitor: I might tell you sometime next week where you will probably be going.

See what I mean? I would prefer that he never be in a position to be interrogated, but I'm just saying that he would be awesome at it. The man is a vault. I think this is why I could swear he has a highly efficient brain; it's dealing with an overload of information. And not because he reads all that much more than the average person, it's just that NO information EVER escapes, so I'm sure it's starting to build up in there. =)

Anyway, hopefully we'll know something before Christmas. We will not know which battery he'll be assigned to. However, I will at least know whether to be happy or what degree of poutiness I need to achieve in the 15 minutes it will take Annoyingly Positive Liz to realize there's an issue and intervene with a notebook full of solutions and plans to make Whatever It Is turn out great.


The Warren Family said...

Ahhhhhhhh Mike is like that!!! Drives me nuts. And if I do get info it's because I'm eavesdropping on a business call!! lol

Our Family of Four said...

I hear ya! And here I thought we had avoided that very same scenario this year. Only I think it will be a while before we know anything. New Orleans is still a possibility, Paraguay is probable, school is also and option but as to where- well, that's anyone's guess. And good ol' Cali is not out of the question either. So pick a continent and a coast and it's all a possibility. Grrr! Feel free to complain to me all you want I'm right there with ya sister! Who knows... we may end up in the same state after all ;o)

McCoyFamily said...

I'm saying a lot of prayers that the monitor gives you all good news next week!!!

Kalyn said...

I know you are stressed out.... but this post makes ME stress out.... OMG... I'm going to bite my nails off. Hurry up Mr. Monitor!!! Kalyn needs an answer!!!! Doesn't he know that he can make my YEAR(S) if he sends Paul West? (specifically Oside?)