Monday, November 29, 2010

Please Touch Museum

Friday, I slept in a little, had a leisurely breakfast and went to Target around 9am for my new TomTom (thank GOODNESS) and the last Toy Story 3 they had on the shelves. Then PopPop sent me and Bree to the Please Touch Museum. Carly didn't want to go, which ended up being a very good thing since the museum was packed and Bree is a total monkey. I would have lost my mind trying to keep track of both of them. As it was, Bree and I spent three fun hours and saw absolutely every last thing in the museum....which is inside the most beautiful building.
Planting potatoes...this is before she starting playing lacrosse with that shovel there, launching the plastic spuds across the garden. =)
Then the play hospital! We spent at least half an hour in there while Bree loved on this little baby. She changed his diaper (the dolls were anatomically correct!), fed, him, rocked him in the middle of the floor while singing Pickle precious.
BLURRY! Sorry - my camera! Anyway, this is from the main hall with the big dome, looking onto the water play area and the great big tree beyond which is the upper part of the Alice in Wonderland area on the lower level. Super duper cool. There was live music in the middle all day long. No wonder this place is always mobbed!
We broke for a snack - SmartPop and apple juice, which Bree ended up wearing.
Then I took Bree on the Merry Go Round...if you know me at all, you know what a big deal that was. I felt dizzy for hours afterward. Mother of the Year? I think so.
I actually bought Bree a hot dog so I could sit by this window and look outside to get my bearings back a little bit. Look at that architecture! I know I sound like such a tourist, but I will never get over that kind of thing. It just does not exist in good old Lawton, OK. =)

Each area had its own little-kid play space...four total. This was upstairs by the water feature and each of these little lilly pads had its own tone when the kids danced on was a little loud in the museum so we couldn't really hear it, but Bree and her new friend did NOT care about that. =)
Once again, my apologies for the blur. But this is the view of part of the AIW place. They had a squishy hedge maze and everything! Super cool.
....and really nice dress-ups. Bree didn't want to take it off.

Moooooooving on! This cow actually mooed when she touched the udders. That scared her!
Back to Alice! This funny little cubbyhole had a tilted floor!
How I know it's time to leave? Bree starts escaping. =)


McCoyFamily said...

We love the Please Touch museum wish we could have went with you guys:( Looks like a blast!!!

McCoyFamily said...

PS: Kudos to Paul for buying you an awesome snowman!!!

Kalyn said...

MOTHER OF THE YEAR is right!!!! I am sooooo proud of you!!!! :)